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We offer three programmes to our students which are 7 years plus. The third programme we offer is our Instructor programme. We Sprint Martial Arts do not offer personal training, the only students which receive benefits similar to personal training are the trainee instructors and the Instructors. This keeps our Senior instructors fresh and motivating to giving the programmed members the best possible instruction.

The instructor programme is not a personal training programme but the classes are kept small focused and personalised as much as possible. The programme is taught by Sprints most senior instructor available. All of our graduated Sprint Instructors are given the opportunity to instruct within  our schools.

The programme is for students who would like to take their hobby as serious as possible with the time they have. Students will learn how to perform the techniques to its optimum level and they will also learn how to teach and instruct the technique. Learning how to teach the technique give students the edge in reaching skilled mastery. The Instructor programme also teaches students techniques which are not taught in the sprint Ma syllabus.

The junior instructors which are under 18 also can have the opportunity to instruct. Depending on the age ability the junior instructors are given assistant and mentoring roles. We find that this opportunity gives the young instructors life skills which are are advanced for  their age.

If you would like to take your training to the next level please contact us as we will provide a consultation  with you.

Trainee and Instructors Programme



‘Take your Training to the next level’